Having worked as an investment management professional at major Wall Street firms for seven years, my late father, Arthur Kramer, and I  founded KCM, a Registered Investment Advisor, in 1995. For these past fifteen years my goal has been constant: to provide safe, positive growth of the assets in our charge. I and my partner, Shu Wu, are proud of our record.

KCM has a distinctively independent approach. Our core principle is that successful investing requires constant vigilance and a willingness to adapt.  Our process integrates fundamental financial analysis and technical expertise, in combination with cycle theory and behavioral investing principles. Research and experience guide our practice.

This process has worked well. We have a fifteen-year record of successfully navigating clients’ assets through the economic and financial storms of the period; our clientele has steadily grown. Important in building these relationships are our frequent letters which expand on our current thinking—as example, the letters that anticipated the financial maelstrom that began in 2007. These letters are now and will continue to be archived at this website. My blog on current issues will further broaden our base of communication.

We look forward to being in touch with and providing services for any and all interested.

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